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Support for those recovering, reprogramming or reinventing themselves after engaging with Karl Markwald.

(Aka Karl Heart, Lightening Heart or karl1heart, living in South Africa, Spain peninsular, Tenerife and/or nomad travelling) 

if you have found your way to this page, TRUST yourself. PROTECT yourself. LOOK AFTER yourself.  There is a reason why you found this page.

You do NOT deserve to be treated with disrespect or abuse

STEP 1. Disconnect totally from him. Block him on all platforms, all groups, all social media  etc. Every time you think about him, stop yourself.  Do not visualise his face, or his name, or feel into him. Each time you do this, you reconnect the connections you had open with him. And he can access your energetic systems through these connections, infecting you over and over again..

When you are ready and feel that you can disconnect 100% and really and truly do not want him in your life anymore, despite that draw back to him, ask for help from a trusted /referred healer to cut the cords, untether the hooks, remove the curses, entities, attachments and anything else seen and unseen that is keeping you connected to him.

You are NOT your shadows 

STEP 2: Reprogram the thought forms that have been created about yourself through your interactions with him. These thought forms are not a healthy way of seeing yourself, nor are they healthy shadow work.

No matter how much you are led to believe it to be true whilst working with him, this is not so. Your shadows are not who you are, but rather a small part of you, the unique beautiful light being that you are. Like the ingredients in a pizza, a pizza is not pineapple. A pizza is made up of many ingredients, and depending on the quantities, or variants, unique and interesting pizzas can be made. You are a sum of all parts. Not just one part. To focus solely on that one shadow part for long periods of time without the soft compassionate support of a light worker who will guide you and support you effectively in this process, will take you down the path of darkness, smallness and low self-worth, instead of culminating self-love, self-compassion, insights and the understanding required to fully love and integrate this side of you successfully into yourself.

Shadow parts were formed as a child or a teenager, but, they made you who you are in the best way possible. With each shadow part that formed, there is a stronger light part that grew during that time. As a child or a teenager, you were of light and in those moments of soul challenges, your light grew stronger and more powerful, pushing you forward, helping you to deal with those challenges. This makes up the majority part of who you are, the 80 – 90% light. Your shadows are the minor part, 10-20% of who you are, you are a yummy pizza. Not just pineapple.


As an adult, the shadow parts can be so integrated in who you have become that you are not aware of them, and how they become self-sabotaging actions or behaviours. But, doing shadow work should not in any form or manner, be done in a way that is manipulative, abusive, or destructive to your light parts. Although sometimes difficult to look at or work through, it should not create additional trauma and scarring, as the whole purpose of shadow work is to work through those parts of you and heal the prior trauma and scarring, not create more. 

You are NOT who he declares or is insistent you are

STEP 3. Start rebuilding your sense of self worth by listening to Jason Stephenson’s meditation – Jason operates at such a high frequency, that this is an extremely helpful to start raising your frequency from its densest lowest point, and to reprogram your own beliefs and love for yourself again, in a compassionate way with a high frequency emanation from Jason’s voice, being and mediation.

You are NOT the source of the problem

STEP 4. Listen and watch this video with Azam Ali – it will explain your role as the mirror to a person with narcissistic personality disorder. It will give you insights into why YOU were important to HIS process, and why you are damned if you do, damned if you don’t, and how to come to terms with everything that went down. His reactions and treatment of you, is not your fault. How he spoke to you, how he treated you, is nothing to do with you, but everything to do with HIM, and his issues, wounding, delusions, and distorted perspectives.

Anyone who calls themselves a shadow worker, and psychologically manipulates (gaslights) your thoughts and belief systems into believing that you are an angry woman, or a mean bitch, or emotionally lobotomised, or psychologically unstable, or toxic, or poison, or a victim asking for abuse, and coerces you into submitting to his full control and abuse, is not a light worker, but someone who wears the mask of a light worker, and presents as a light worker, but is rather a deeply deeply wounded person, who has not loved and integrated his own shadow aspects, and is operating from a low frequency, a destructive energy vampire.

He is not who he presents himself as, but everything he hides. 

See through that mask, and that bravado, and see the being that needs healing and have compassion for him. But right now, You are the one that needs healing. Focus on yourself. Block him out and disconnect 100% from him to prevent further manipulation, gaslighting and abuse aimed at yourself. Surround yourself with light, supportive, positive people who will help to build you up with unconditional love and compassion, until you feel you have taken hold of and can maintain your inner power again. 

Be in charge of your own life and choices. 

YOU know who you TRULY are.  

YOU are MORE. You are ENOUGH. You CAN & DO LOVE. You are BEAUTIFUL. You are LOVED. You are SUPPORTED.

We are a group of compassionate people, who have all been affected or infected by Karl in some form or manner, and we are all here to support you in your healing process.

Need help, support and guidance ??

Register with us for access to a secure space where we can share our experiences, gain insight, undo any trauma, follow through on legal recourse and more …

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A MARAC offers those seeking help a fast and easy way of getting help from several professionals at once.

The objectives include early identification of those victims of violence who are most likely to be re-victimised in the future and breaking the cycle of general, domestic and intimate partner violence.

Clare’s Law

Clare’s Law gives people who feel at risk of domestic violence a way to get information about their partners so they can make informed choices about their safety and relationships.

People who may be at risk can find out if their current or former partner has a history of:

  • domestic violence
  • other related acts 

Legal accountability

It is your choice as to whether or not to follow legal recourse for his behavior towards you  

If you decide to hold him accountable for his action of abuse (whether verbal, physical, emotional, psychological or sexual) or assault of any kind (man-handling, wrist grabbing, restraining, pinning down, punching, slapping, strangling, choking, mouth clamping, forcefully moving you to a different location or preventing you from moving away from him to safety etc), we will support you in this process.